Available Positions
Position 1: 3D Animator

      We need a general animator to lead our character and creature animation process. This game is slated to have a variety of different male and female avatars of various ages and conditions (obese, slim, elderly, child, injured, drunk, fidgeting, etc.). The game has many different creatures as well, although we cannot disclose the kinds of creatures to be encountered. Animators must have rigging experience, mainly because the kinds of creatures in the game may make automation difficult to achieve.

      Experience with Blender is preferred, but not required.

Position 2: Artist

      We are seeking an artist to help us with general artistry, such as texture production, website, GUI screen, portraits and concept art. The world of Fall of Atom is meant to be very gritty, and we are endeavoring to move toward darker tones. Candidates need to be able to reproduce the effects of rust, cracks, corrosion, rot and other elements of decay that objects might experience in a wasteland.

      You may also be asked to help with concept art during funding campaigns.

Benefits and Agreements

      Digital Morphine Games is a startup company in existence since July of 2015, and as such these artistry positions are not yet paid positions. Artists accepted into the group will be made full members as per the company Operating Agreement and given a ‘Co-Founder’ title with equal legal rights and voting power as the existing members. Further, they will be given equal profit sharing as other members, as per the Operating Agreement. While 2D assets submitted to the company become the property of the company, all artists are permitted to build their portfolios with the art they submit. Digital Morphine Games serves a dual purpose of 1) a professional and legal venture, and 2) a means of building experience for all our members. Should the FoA project or any other Digital Morphine Games project prove successful, you will automatically be in position for further work if you chose to remain with us.

      Please note that we are approaching our first funding campaign.

      Above all you MUST have a passion for your work!

      For general questions about the Fall of Atom project, please see our FAQ page. If you cannot find an answer, please forward your question to info@digitalmorphinegames.com.

      For specific questions regarding the positions or legal aspects of the agreement, please contact our CEO, Harold Ickes, at harold.ickes@digitalmorphinegames.com.