Development Team
Harold Ickes MD, CEO, Core Programmer and Lead Designer

      Before the bombs, Harold was a practicing physician, programmer and entrepeneur. After the Soviet attack and destruction of Anchorage, he invested heavily in a fallout shelter where he and his wife Liz waited out the devastation. Years after the war, they made their way into the wasteland, where they are now eking out a life for themselves and their children wastelanders, Avery and Elliot.

      Harold is the lead designer and core programmer for Fall of Atom as well as CEO for Digital Morphine Games, LLC . When not programming, he can be found spending time with his spouse and sons, or hiding depending on if she's angry with him.

* Bachelor of Science - Biology, University of Toledo, Summa cum laude
* Bachelor of Arts - Chemistry, University of Toledo, Summa cum laude
* Bachelor of Arts - World History, University of Toledo, Summa cum laude
* Medical Degree - Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
* Internal Medicine Physician, Cleveland area hospital
* Graduate experience in Physics, Clemson University
* 15+ years of C++ programming
Margaret Li, 2D Artist, 3D Assets Developer

      Before disaster hit humanity, Margaret was a passionate artist who wanted to design and develop video games. She was trained in both the fine arts and digital rendering. When the bombs came, Margaret was forced to stash her works away: paintings, sketchbooks and hard drives. In hopes of returning back to the burial site someday, Margaret gets by caring for a hidden garden of vegetables she grew from collected seeds.

      As a lead graphical designer of Digital Morphine Games, Margaret creates both 2D and 3D assets for Fall of Atom. She is a video game design student by day and artist by night. There is no time for sleep!

* Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cleveland Institute of Art
Prewar portfolio
Dakota Cury, 2D Artist

      Before darkness descended upon the world, Dakota was a dreamer who spent his days imagining great tales and stories coming to life when he should have perhaps been hard at work. Daydreaming proclivities aside, with much instruction he grew skilled in the fine arts and adopted many traditional techniques in his digital practice, hoping to one day illustrate the legends and myths of the past. These days, he roams the wilds, trying to stay alive in the hope that one day there may be a past to tell about.

      As a 2D Production Artist, Dakota works mainly on concept art and the creation of in-game assets. He also spends much of his time immersed in high fantasy novels and tabletop gaming, and weeps daily at the loss of tables to the apocalypse.

* Bachelor of Arts, Studio Practice, Kenyon College
Prewar portfolio
Paul Morilak, 3D Assets Developer

      In the days before the global nuclear war, Paul was a college student studying Software Engineering and Digital Media at a university in greater Cleveland. He also worked some odd jobs and internships at marketing firms, retail stores, and animal shelters. Today, Paul lives a secluded life with his hordes of cats in an abandoned amusement park in northern Ohio. He spends most of his time collecting and repairing recovered machines and devices, using them to build traps and alarms to fend off mutants, deadly creatures and other wrong-doers.

      Paul works primarily on 3D modeling and web development. Paul is also a gamer, cat lover and roller coaster enthusiast . . . were there any of the latter left.

* Associate Degree in Applied Business: Visual Communication and Design, Interactive Media
* Short Term Certificate in Game Design: Cuyahoga Community College
* Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and Digital Media candidate, Baldwin Wallace University
Prewar portfolio
Clayton Stroup, Sound and Music Artist

      Clayton escaped the obliteration of Dallas by luck being on a camping trip in rural southern Colarado. Surviving by hunting squirrels with his Great Pyrenees, he spends his evenings playing the instruments he salvages from abandoned music shops. With his meager musical arsenal, 8-tracks and cassette recorder, he provides the soundtrack to what's left of the world.

      Clayton works on the soundtrack and sound effects for the FoA game, creating a careful blend of 80's and hauntingly dark ambience.

* Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance, University of North Texas
* Music Technician at Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps 2009 - 2010,
* Music Educator in the Dallas, TX area since 2008.

prewar portfolio